Jessian Choy, She/Her #NotGuys #NotAGuy #NotAGirl

Scroll for updates as of August 10, 2020:

  • How to reduce single-use straws, napkins, condiments for you & everyone else
  • How to eat banana peels and other “food waste” and make nut milk in 10 seconds with just your bare hands, and prevent food waste (podcast)
  • Face masks you can make without sewing, or ones made of upcycled…


  • Why athletes are “running toward a vegan diet”
  • Athletes & doctors that are people of color of all sizes
  • How to get enough protein and satisfy cravings for animal products
  • Free, personalized cost & nutrient calculators, meal planners, grocery list-makers, coaches
  • Vitamins


Why athletes are “running toward a vegan diet”

Meat consumption and high cholesterol levels…

Or if you can’t stand the news, rage clean with ketchup, peanut butter & go bonkers for free conkers (detergent) & more

Updated April 8, 2021

Keep reading for:

  1. Reusable sponges and mop heads.
  2. A dish that won’t make soap bars soupy. Studies show people didn’t get bacterial infections or viral Ebola from sharing soap bars.
  3. Readymade cleaners and easiest recipes that don’t have these toxic chemicals:
  • Ammonia can cause respiratory disease…

Unicorns are real. I wrote this because I couldn’t find one place for skincare that met all my 10 requirements.

Updated April 8, 2021 (I’ll add updates whenever I try new products)

What’s the fuss (WTF)

Here are just a few reasons:

Toxic ingredients

Skincare and cleaners can have toxic ingredients, such as “fragrance.” Fragrance, even “fragrance oils,” can have toxic phthalates, which are linked to cancer, asthma and more. So I try to buy products…

Jessian Choy, She/Her #NotGuys #NotAGuy #NotAGirl

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